Watch out for the Roundabout, Silicon Valley

Hercules Fisherman interviewed by Visonon.TV at London Web Summit where the Jatrobot was showcased at the ClickSlide stand who where the selected finalists at the event.

At the London Web Summit where UK’s top start-ups present their technoloties , a one-day showcase for dozens of UK tech companies, all of which are intent on changing the world with their innovation and ingenuity. Bringing together 1000 attendees and 50 guest speakers, it’s a rich melting pot of seasoned tech entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors.


The popularity of the London Web Summit reflects both London’s importance as a global hub for technology entrepreneurship, and the incentives that recent governments have created to encourage UK tech entrepreneurs.
“These are the employers of tomorrow and they are leading the recovery,” says Hercules Fisherman.

“We are in the midst of a digital revolution and London’s entrepreneurs are leading the world in developing applications and services that resonate with the public. Growing the digital economy is key for future job creation in London and events like InnoTech are vital to help bring investors and startups together.”

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Hercules is the lead investor in two fascinating projects. First, there’s Foodity, an online start-up that turns recipes on the web and on TV into online shopping baskets. Second is ClickSlide, which has developed a platform that turns raw data from APIs (the data feeds that big websites, apps and software companies provide for third party use) into great user experiences for minimal cost and without the need to write code. It’s software made simple. Both start-ups will be featured at the London Web Summit 2012.
According to the Office for National Statistics, there are a quarter of a million companies in the UK that class themselves as working within the ‘technology sector’, and they have a combined turnover of £328bn.
“It’s a competitive area for newcomers,” says Hercules, “but there are hundreds of grassroots networking and educational events in and around London that support people who want to build innovative ventures. A lot of these are free, or very low cost. At the other end of the spectrum you have the London Web Summit, the pinnacle of London’s technology events. Although delegates can pay hundreds of pounds to attend, the organisers make it possible for lots of start-ups to attend at no cost or very little cost. This is the event UK startups look forward to and is the one day a year in the diary of the who’s who in the tech world not to be missed.