Welcome to our portrait session tonight it starts at 6 pm

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Live portraits

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Thanks for your visit, in this difficult times with social distancing rules, As you may know I started online shows and drawing classes.
With the fantastic response over the lockdown pariod, through the show we helped number of charities and community groups, amongst them local FoodBanks, Community Gardens and Mumbi Arts Group an african charity arts project.

Continuing from there, I will be doing regular live portrait sessions which you can join in from the link here when it is active.

I am taking on bookings for events and shows for live drawings all the time and have been featured on live radios Scream London recently, with regular appearance at parties and events. Luckily now I have upgraded with fast broadband and can deliver to events anywhere in realtime.

This week we have a special treat

In this episode of HerxFriendsLive –Ballerina Classico 
we are here for a very special treat.
It is a pleasure to have as our model Anna young talented, and experienced Ballerina, she is incredibly supple and exuberant which am sure will wow us all.
In these series She will be reenacting some of the classical poses, taking us back in time to around the 1880s when Edgar Degas and Henri De Toulouse Lautrec executed some of their best examples of the dancers’ work withnessed in the history of arts ever.
— Don’t Miss It —
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from 7- 9 pm
Fri 18th Sep
 HerxFriendsLive -Ballerina Classico 


For this is an exploration with Sumi Paintings, a shared experience by the artist, model and the viewer. Jet black inks piercing through wafer thin rice paper, high blotting properties, incredibly tensile for its measure. A combination that leaves little room for corrections, every mark soaked through and defined. Plays well with the artist as he does not own an eraser. He sees drawing as a free flow of energy. To erase is to reduce or diminish its impact. As in Whitman, influences of Khayyam and Tao philosophies are very much evident.

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