57 Minutes: All That Stands Between You And a Better Life

Co authored by Pierre Lever who was one of the early Fizzbackers now a budding CEO and a Writer.

Below is a short description of the book of Pierre and Mike Jackson.

57 Minutes: All That Stands Between You And A Better Life57 Minutes: All That Stands Between You And a Better Life is the definitive short guide to a more fulfilling life.

What makes 57 Minutes so different is that it takes less than an hour to read from cover to cover and is full of powerful ideas that anyone can put into practice. It dispenses with complex analyses and psycho babble, relying instead on common sense and personal examples. As the authors say in their introduction “This is a book about doing and it is packed with recommendations that work”.

The book answers important questions that lie at the heart of sustainable life improvement. Why experiences provide deeper satisfaction than possessions. How to prevent life goals from fading into obscurity. How to break the monotony of repetitive living. Why quitting is sometimes the right thing to do. And many others.

Few books fit so much insight into such a small space.

The authors, Pierre and Mike, are not psychologists or professional writers but they have successfully applied every principle from 57 Minutes in their own lives and have inspired many others to do the same.

57 Minutes combines their experiences with the findings from hundreds of hours of reading to provide you with the perfect introduction to living a more fulfilling life.


Pierre Lever

Image of Pierre Lever

Pierre is an avid student of human behavior. Throughout his diverse career as a lawyer, entrepreneur and business leader he has subscribed to the view that to live is to learn. Pierre is CEO of a business in Asia and lives in Singapore with his wife, Sarah, and their three children.