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We build tech that encourages shoppers to start their journey towards a weekly supermarket shop by engaging with web & mobile apps (and content) centred on food, wellness, beauty & parenting. As they interact we’re able to gauge their consumer profiles and their purchasing intent, then help brands & retailers to influence their habits & purchases.



Lectrio is the next-generation online learning environment. It’s a new way to engage with students and efficiently share course materials.

Lectrio will ideally fit the needs of individual tutors and small-medium size educational organisations. It is offered for free to educators around the world to increase a classroom engagement. And as LMS-as-a-Service with cost-effective monthly subscription plans for ed companies. Lectrio give them their own cloud-based E-Learning environment that is customisable to their own brand.

Not to mention, Lectrio is very easy to use and mobile-friendly.


Ginicam is an interactive digital broadcast platform that utilises our patented HD video streaming technology called Gininet. Ginicam provides a solution for content producers and e-service providers to monetise their broadcasts in real time. Content can be delivered through 1:1 communication, 1: many and on-demand. Corporations can use the Ginicam technology for their internal and external communications. Ginicam is free to use. However, a commission of up to 15% is automatically deducted on commercial transactions conducted via Ginicam and Gininet, using the Gini currency.


Fizzback (Nice Systems)

Fizzback is the leading software provider for Real-Time Customer Feedback and Customer Experience Management (CEM) resulting in increased customer loyalty