Andrew Logan Alternative Miss World 2014

Andrew Logan Alternative Miss World 2014

Captured by 3DScanbot

Miss Zero+ the winner of the Alternative Miss World 2014
Miss Zero+ the winner of the Alternative Miss World 2014


This was without a shadow of a doubt, the most sought after glitterati chic party of the decade, at the Shakespeare’s Globe, perfectly apt place to get theatrical and lose inhibitions.

This year, the event was also an experiment with crowdfunding technology, raising over £21k successfully under a month,  culminating in pre selling most of the tickets through the campaign

The globe is unique wooden structure feels with distinct intimacy the Greek or Roman counterparts cannot reach.

The venue, the contestant and the audience decorated with the joyful Shangri-la neon theme of the event. The distinction between the contestant the audience gets blurred, as everyone carried and wore their own artistic sophisticated and creative talents on their sleeves.

Andrew Logan being scanned in 3d

” It’s about creative free-reign, about the ordinary becoming extraordinary. Contestants over the years have been famous and infamous, celebrated and unknown, a parade of freaks, fops, show offs and drag queens… including Andrew’s many friends and family! The climax is a tear stained coronation with Logan’s dazzling Crown Jewels made of broken mirrors.”

Andrew Logan

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 08.36.283DScanbot a young startup, put to task to provide the wow factor for the afterparty, and did an excellent job at it.

All night entertaining queues of brightly dressed revelers, attired in assortments of catsuites, inflatable gears and glitter, donning jewelry sprinkled with metallic dust along with fluorescent colour blobs and reflective mirrors mingled with body and face decoration made up of matching exotic matterial and tones.

AltMW2014 afterparty

 Miss Enigma names Alan Turing as the person whom she would like to honour with a national holiday



The Judges for the competitions included, Suggs from Madness and Zandra Rhodes. It was co-hosted and delivered flamboyantly by Grayson Perry and Andrew Logan on the Globe fantastic open air stage, we had a perfect weather for the evening.

The winner was Miss Zero + with her magnificent latex-and-inflatables combo, she has saidMiss Enigma

‘People should know that I am not a fetishist though, it is not a sexual thing for me – it is for performance art.’

Miss Enigma

The runner up, Miss Enigma who had an expandable electronic led peacock fan (in the picture), at the “Interview round” of the contest names Alan Turing as the person whom she would like to honour with a national holiday.

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