Mini Maker Faire

It was a surprise to return to Elephant and Castle where I studied printing years ago at London College of Printing (LCP) now christened under a new assumed named London College of Communication (LCC).

This is aptly demonstrate the changes we are experiencing with technology transformed from the letterpress analog printing to a now digital reproduction methods of which we saw many examples at the Mini Maker Faire. The organisers did a fantastic job with many insightful workshop and variety of exhibitors to match. It did show the exuberant nature of the times we live in, the makers culture is hugely vibrant, teaming with new ideas.

I could safely say that every visitors from any age group and background, could find something memorable to go away with from the event.

Undoubtedly the makers community is set to grow massively over the coming decade, the 3D printing techniques which in itself is in a state of flux will have many more surprises in store for us. We are at the cutting edges of technology where we can touch science fiction for real, where replicators are not just a drummed up fantasy from the movie screens, but something you can help make and have hands in.

Thingmaker who runs one of the London fastest growing meetups related to 3d technology participated in the faire,  with their incredible 3D Scan Booth in place, they had a queue of enthusiasts who wanted to experience the new scanning technology. The results then can be printed in mono or in Full colour as 3d figurines.

Watch out for their next up coming event at London3D-printers meetup