Leap in Creativity

Not long ago I was lucky to get my first taste of Leap Motion a device for new ways to interact with computers, it is a gestural sensor that responds to your hands movements, unlike other devices out there like Kinnect it can detect and track the trajectory of each fingers as independent movements in 3d space, is essentially like having a cubic multitouch screen in front of you.

It is a bold first attempt from the brilliant developers at leap motion to come up with such an ingenious gadget. It is rightly compared to a minority report  although it is in many ways more superior as it does not rely on wearing any input gloves, waving ones hands and fingers is the air infront of a tiny device is sufficient to elicit interactions. It is all open on how we decide to use these devices meanwhile a new vocabulary of gestures are being cooked up as we speak.

It is likely to be the beginning of the end of the mouse and keyboard as our main modes of inputs. Perhaps there will be a combination, this leap may take us to new territories where coupled with mind control and  advanced gestures detections we would do away with mouse and keyboards for good.  Unwrapping of the leap motion was a supera-scifi experience,  excitement was of discovering an alien device then trying to figure out how to use it.