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Silicon Roundabout – Shoreditch starts to heat up as #SMR9 is getting to full swing this weekend with hundreds of startups wooing hackers of all kinds across the eco system to join their journey to success.

Long time veterans of SMR Constant Commerce  been able attract the very best and to poach incredible talents.

The age of startups upon us, with so many ideas and innovations floating about, innovation in technology knows no bounds.

Every new startup on the scene has the potential to be disruptive game changer in town. The UK economic boom resulting form startup activities has made possible for the incumbent government to sweep back to power with relative ease. With so many funds, investors and incubators rushing over to these shores, the gold rush has just began.

The staggering 581,173 startup companies registered last year the highest on records

There are so many opportunities opening up every day. With competitions such as MassChallenge or Cognicity at Level39 offering big prizes and exposure.

Some of these organisations such as MassChallenge are big US based organizations, thus every one is looking for the next big thing. There are so many candidates to choose from, number of entries growing into 1000s every time. There was a jump in number of startups registered on Companies-House in 2014 to an staggering 581,173 in numbers the highest on records.

#SMR9 Europe’s biggest recruitment fair

There is much activities this month every where like #SMR9 Europe’s biggest recruitment fair happening this weekend and #DS15 Digital Shoreditch about to kick off next week. There are lots to see, talks, networks and parties to attend.

startup activities has made it possible for the incumbent government to sweep back to power with relative ease.

Digital Shoreditch Festival 2015 presents #HackThePlanet a series of premier events celebrating the tech & digital (Film, TV, Game, YouTube, VR) Art of OST PsychFi Composer Simon Boswell.


“You many not know his name, but if you’re a movie fan you’ll certainly know his music: Simon Boswell is one of the UK’s finest living soundtrack composers, whose work has graced films such as Danny Boyle’s debut ‘Shallow Grave’, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s mind-melting ‘Santa Sangre’, loopy Angelina Jolie cybercrime flick ‘Hackers’ and shedloads of European horror movies by the likes of Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava & Michele Soavi.” Now Here This TIME OUT: LONDON

Hackers 20th Anniversary

Mark Kermode – Hackers 20th Anniversary

Simon will boot up the 2015 Digital Shoreditch Festival with a key note talk “Composing Music for Film – A Tech Journey” spotlighting his cult tech/geek retro-mania OST music for Hackers, Hardware, Burn:Cycle, Killer Net, Ashens & The Quest For The Gamechild. While exploring the creative tech involved & LoFi digital Hacks, including the C64, IndieGoGo, YouTube & Google Cardboard VR. Synced with a supporting Raindance: Screenage Hacks panel & Gala #DS15 #HackThePlanet live digital sound & vision show with Simon & friends.


#HackThePlanet a #DS15 official premier party will be at CARGO-LONDON on Thursday 14/05/15 – 6pm / 1am.

We will be making live broadcast of the event on the 14th through Ginicam the very latest live interactive video broadcasting platform was launched recently. Ginicam and Cardboard both are using google technologies powering their services on the night.

3Dscanbot the experiential 3dscanning and 3dprinting startup will be there both at #SMR9 on Saturday and at #HackThePlanet Party at @cargo_LDN to entertain and wow the delegates, bringing that extra essential fun to the party, and a chance for you to be 3dscanned and have your figurines printed in 3d with the very latest technologies in diverse materials from ABS plastic to Bronze. They  even  can get your figurines printed in full colour.

2015 is the 20th Anniversary of Hackers, a Mark Kermode cult cyber-geek fave, Simon is also celebrating 30 Years as composer with a fistful of film Anniversaries including: Phenomena 30th, Hardware 25th, Shallow Grave 20th. #HackThePlanet will be a chance to experience PsychFi Live a magical trip with Simon’s friends past, present and future.



Come join together to “Tune In, Trip Out” on a far out visual sound multi-media night exploring Simon’s creative journey with Digital Technology, Films, Games, TV, YouTube, Art & first of its kind ‘One Brain’ Live VR Google Cardboard App, by #DS15 invite only.

The chosen Android few will experience a VR PsychFi pop-culture immersive mash-up inspired by Hackers 20th Anniversary, with counter culture wizard Timothy Leary and YouTube Creator Ashens in mix. Come along to explore how artists can use every-day digital technology hacks & “Get Loaded” at the same time.



Simon Boswell theAND: Richard Stanley, Timothy Leary, Dario Argento, Alejandro Jodorowsky (Excl. Vizual Sound Content)


Ashens YouTube Creator 800K Subscribers: The Gamechild

Mr.Weebl YouTube Creator 750K Subscribers: Save The Badger

Revenge of Calculon Funkatronic Luchadores

Tom Dunne – Band

Ollie Clark & Lil Rice – Band

Those Goddamn Hippies – Band


AK47 (The Banksy Job) – Street Art Terrorism Trailer Launch

Lee Hardcastle – Cult Claysplotation Films (Claycats, RudeTube)

Event will be hosted by Pips Taylor and live streamed on peer to peer network GiniCam with exclusive opportunities to chat with your #HackThePlanet Heroes

More #HackThePlanet PsychFi, Digital Shoreditch goodness to be announced soon!

Ltd. fan tickets available Digital Shoreditch Premier Wristband Event

CARGO LONDON: 83 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AY

CARGO LONDON BBQ Grub Available £2:50 Beers 6pm – 8pm



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Ginicam is a live interactive video broadcasting platform for service providers and celebrities to monetise their online presence. From celebrity Q&A’s, to e-learning workshops, to company board meetings, Ginicam gives anyone, anywhere the tools to monetise their live video content, and share their talent or expertise with fans or clients from around the world.

3DScanbot are the Experiential ingredients, Professional 3D Scanning and printing complementary to events, exhibitions, special occasions, seminars and education. Incorporating augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. 3D innovation – hardware & software.

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