Get A 3D Printed Model of Yourself at MWC 2014

Stop Press: Our next public appearance will be at Swiss Cottage Gallery on Fri 21st March
                         and Speaking in Madrid at 3dprinting event 4th international edition  24th May
Just like last year at conferences , the Mobile World Congress 2014 could not miss the 3DScanbot experience.  As before, we have been one of the most popular stands at Wipjam, offering a 3D printing experience for visitors of the congress and connecting them to the essence of the art and technology.
One more time, the 3DScanbot has proven that it has  something special to offer everyone. Our service has the potential  to engage a broader audience in creating an experiential environment that is entertaining, innovative and widely applicable to real world problems.  we received an increasing and diversifying number of visitors all through the show who relished the experience.
The participants were amazed by our ability to capture them in 360 degrees and later create the 3D image of them optimised by our process in seconds. Our formula  involves a 1 minute scan with our own designed rig, during which the  subject must stay still .(This harks back to the bygone days of formal Victorian portrait photography!) .  All this  process ends up on the computer, where shots are then mapped and joined together using software to generate a 3d image of the body.
Later,  3DScanbot sends by email your 3D- scanned image of you.  No need to keep a usb stick on hand.  You can also  get yourself shrunk down and 3D-printed as a figurine in a variety of materials. So remember, if  you always wanted an actual real figurine of you, your girlfriend or  boyfriend, your parents or anyone you want, there is no need to look  further, because now you can have a pocket-size figure, 3DScanbot  can make it real 🙂

We want to thank everyone for your interest and collaboration in our  project and we hope to see you on Mobile World Congress next year.