#CPEurope Telefonica at O2 Arena

It was a real treat to be at one of the biggest geeks gathering of its kind otherwise known as Glastonbury for Geeks. The party went on a non stop 24X7 week of workshops, exhibition, hackathons and parties with crowed mostly from Europe but even across the world descended on the millennium dome – O2.
Thingmaker joined Telefonica stand with our 3fs portraits series, 3d scanning rig, 3d printing kits and samples to enthrall the camposeros attending the great event.

our stand was by far the best and busiest throughout the event with often queues of people waiting to be part of the experience. Many also loved to have their figurines printed or portraits done. Overall it was a massive success, thanks to the all the vibrant camposeros, dedicated Telefonica Labs and Thingmaker team who made it all happen.