Upcoming Exhibition at Apogee

Hercules Fisherman

25th October – 14th Nov

This is an exploration, a shared experience by the artist, model and the viewer. Jet black inks piercing through wafer thin rice paper, high blotting properties, incredibly tensile for its measure. A combination that leaves little room for corrections, every mark soaked through and defined.

Round up!!!

I love to go to galleries, visiting exhibitions and to be nourished by the arts. Now that I am just working round the corner from summerset house, I tend to drop in to Courtauld institute regularly.  The collection quite simply one of the finest of its kind any where in the world, with some very […]

Official artist for “the biggest networking event of the year”

Hercules Fisherman, painter, technologist and entrepreneur has been assigned as official artist for “the biggest networking event of the year” – http://www.thebiggestnetworkingnightoftheyear.com , he will be drawing at the venue in his stunning technique, executed in traditional Chinese inks and brushes on handmade rice paper. A collection of the drawing produced will be published in […]

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