Foodity expanding operations now as Constant Commerce

The world’s no1 distributed commerce platform

 Constant Commerce

” It’s been developed based on strong shopper and customer insight and its execution has been absolutely first class.”

Radha R, Executive Vice President and Industry Head – Retail, CPG and Manufacturing, Mindtree
Johnathan Agnes CEO, Simon Hutson CCO and IGD awards host Gabby Logan along with Rada R. EVP of Mindtree.

Radha R, Executive Vice President and Industry Head – Retail, CPG and Manufacturing, Mindtree, said: “Constant Commerce’s platform stood out for the judges because it has the ability to really drive change in ecommerce. It’s been developed based on strong shopper and customer insight and its execution has been absolutely first class.

“Thanks to its straightforward interface, transferable content and great technology, Constant Commerce ticks the boxes for shoppers, retailers and manufacturers, creating a smooth and seamless experience all around.

“This platform could also easily be rolled out to other industries, demonstrating just how good the technology is.”


Constant Commerce is a startup that makes content, ads and apps shoppable at the world’s biggest supermarkets and mainstream retailers, is today celebrating winning IGD’s e-commerce award. Presented at the 2014 awards ceremony in London last night, Constant Commerce won the award for their platform which connects food, beauty, parenting and health content at major media outlets and on social media platforms to retailers’ ecommerce and loyalty solutions.

Constant Commerce’s innovative technologies were identified as ‘the online sales platform that has most significantly improved customers’ shopping experience’ by the judges, helping the company claim the top spot in the e-commerce category.

Although Constant Commerce was founded less than three years ago, it has rapidly grown to become the world’s number one distributed commerce platform, with more than 20 well-known retailers, consumer packaged good manufacturers and media companies using its tools to create ecommerce, data and shopper-engagement partnerships.

Constant Commerce manages distributed commerce solutions for 10 of the world’s biggest retailers, letting them embed mini-shopping experiences in websites, apps, ads and social media. Brands and publishers can use the tools to push the products that are featured in their advertising and content to shoppers’ online baskets. The platform can also push promotions and offers to individual shopper’s phones via its retail partner’s apps. Shoppers can then shop the offers in-store to earn rewards, loyalty points or cash back.

The technology works behind the scenes – shoppers are never aware of Constant Commerce’s technologies, they just enjoy a seamless transition from their favorite websites and apps to shopper interfaces that are run on behalf of their favorite retailers.

The technology is especially powerful when embedded in advertising – Constant Commerce powered advertising is personalised whenever it’s served to the millions of shoppers that have interacted with the platform to date, showing pricing and availability for the shoppers’ preferred retailer and letting them add product to their online basket or to the list in their phone, according to the way they’ve shopped in the past. This personalisation is the main factor behind the advertisings exceptionally high performance against benchmarks.

Johnathan Agnes, Constant Commerce co-founder, said:
“We were extremely proud to have been shortlisted for the IGD e-commerce award and thrilled to learn that we’ve won it. In the last year the company has grown more than tenfold and as we prepare for more rapid growth in the year ahead, it’s great to have received the recognition of such an important industry award.”

The company, founded by Johnathan Agnes, has seen rapid growth recently and counts the biggest US, Australian and UK supermarkets among its customers, as well as several major global brands and publishers. Its Chairman is global brand strategist Matthew Freud and it has the backing of a team of high-profile technology entrepreneurs including Hercules Fisherman Co-founder- investor, Innovation Lead was founding CTO of Fizzback, Russell Buckley, who now advises the UK Government on inward investment in technology startups, Betfair founder Andrew Black and joined also by Fizzback founding CEO Rob Keve.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 06.10.15

One of UKs best example of how startups can work well, having an stellar success in a short time, made possible by having the best of Biz and Devs working cohesively under one roof, building world class products.

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Hercules Fisherman will be speaking at the Websummit 2014 early next month, he is a resident mentor at Bathtub2Boardroom in the city and works with a number of other accelerators such as Axel Springer Pnp and Founders Institute groups internationally.

From Berlin Dexterity to Pentoring in Dublin WebSummit

Stop PressStop Press Stop Press

Hercules Fisherman

Pentoring at the Signs of Dexterity

with 3dscanbot and DimensionAlley
with 3dscanbot and DimensionAlley

SIGNS OF DEXTERITY is a gathering of international creators, focused on qualitative illustrations, drawings, paintings and photography.


From tight design to obscure surrealism, including traditional comic illustration, digital collage and many other innovative combinations. One line: Dexterity!


Dexterity will be affordable, all original artworks will be exhibited among their respective reproductions. Silk screenings, engravings, photography, digital prints on canvas, fanzines, books and many other mediums.


Mentoring with Painting through out the show and days leading to the exhibition

please book your session here

Free booking sessions

This week visit url or the QR code

Mentoring by an award winning

International artist and entrepreneur








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shape of things to come robotic mowers

the shape of things to come the robotic mowers

I just returned back from my latest visit to Berlin it was yet another mammoth expo, prehpas on a scale not as big as the MWC (Barcelona) but nevertheless significant and covered almost everything in electronics and home appliances.

Most of the buzz was around curved displays, many of them with  large 50+ inch screens and the colour quality quite magnificent, plenty to get engaged for game playing and home theaters. Although it the base screens probably all made by one manufacturer; then packaged and branded for different companies. I imagine the price also fluctuate between them likewise.

2014-09-10 17.58.55
Goodies from the IFA+Summit with quad copters, hats from Samsung and Hoot portable chargers plus few more goodies in the post

Further more you did sense that the second and third generation of robotic mowers and hoovers are becoming quite ever present, I must have come across 20+ stands who had robotic vacuum cleaners of different descriptions.  Another hot areas are in home automation and remote controls. Gone are the days of hackers concocting arduino based zegbee contraptions for hackatons. The age of robotics finally has arrived.

The robotics, sensors & home automation has gone main stream.

This space is going to hot up over the next few years and there is much innovations to be done in this space to make these appliances more useful and accessible to all.

Then there was the summit which was focused on future implications of the technology, discussions surrounded areas that are important to people in sustainability, ecology, economics, 3dprinting.  That important take away from inspirational speech by  Jeremy Rifkin was that we are increasingly becoming “prosumers” meaning we produce and consume our own creations. Thus in the future we would be intervening in the productions the level of customization will increase, there are already cars that are being 3dprinted allowing greater control over the output as ever before, it is no longer intervention in the types of trimming you want for your vehicle but also ability to modify its chassis or its internal structures like adjusting the seat design and shape so it would be the perfect fit for your physiology.

The IFA+Summit website describes:

The conference gave insights into the “connected future“ of High Tech, product development and design. Latest business models and break-through startups were presented in consideration of a changing consumer and media behaviour.

Each session was introduced by national and international speakers and combined fascinating short talks by experts that have been followed by discussions to deepen consumers understanding.

Here is some video excerpts from the event definitely worth checking

Session 2: Health

 Session 3: Big Data

Session 4: Design

Session 5: Home


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Watchfit – Health X Finalist


Newly launched fitness and nutrition app WatchFit has already assembled a formidably impressive team of sports scientists, fitness professionals, nutritionists, elite sports people, academics and health experts!

WatchFit’s website and app is a one-stop-shop for the best exercise and nutrition plans as well as a vast library of features and articles that expands daily on broad topics of fitness, health, nutrition and wellbeing. All material is provided by leading international experts and professionals and designed to deliver the most comprehensive, interesting, effective and accessible subject matter.

Leading TV nutritionist and best selling author Amanda Hamilton has been joined by the likes of: Joey Bull – a four times UK fitness champion, international trainer, author, DVD presenter, dancer and outdoor pursuit expert. Diane Youdale, remembered by millions as legendary TV Gladiator ‘Jet’, a fitness and dance professional, TV and radio presenter and practising psychotherapist. Dr Mark Bellamy, a Doctor of sports psychology and a human performance expert. Caroline Pearce, a former GB heptathlete and member of GB bobsled team, sports science graduate, author and regular TV presenter.

Rebecca Romero MBE, one of the most remarkable sportswomen anywhere – a world champion and Olympic silver medallist in rowing, a world champion and Olympic gold medallist in cycling. Also an Ironman World Championship competitor. Kate Staples, former record breaking GB pole vaulter and TV Gladiator ‘Zodiac’ who now runs a successful boot camp business in the UK and overseas. Rubie Planson, multiple martial arts world champion, Extreme MA performer, film and TV stuntwoman. Julia Hubbard, world champion Masters athlete, fitness champion and owner of The Engine Room Gym. Jennifer Stoute, GB sprinter, Olympic medallist and director of Stellar Athletics sports agency.  Shona Thomson, one of only 17 women worldwide to be a member of the Marathon Grand Slam Club for those who have completed marathons on all seven continents and also the North Pole.

Celebrity chef and star of Australian and USA TV Pete Evans has just announced his partnership with WatchFit. The international spokesman for healthy eating and a fit and active lifestyle has already provided a tried, tested and proven Paleo Diet Plan and will be contributing further great results based material.

Olympic gold medallist and dual sport world champion Rebecca Romero commented, “I was so impressed by everything WatchFit is doing. I love how it looks, how it works and its reach to a global audience with so much information, quality exercise programmes and diet plans. Since retiring as a full-time athlete I have been working with others, delivering talks and looking to get good healthy, positive and interesting messages to others and WatchFit is the ideal vehicle for this.”

WatchFit has even linked with leading long standing fitness magazine Ultra-FIT to publish a huge bank of archive features never before placed online.

Health X presentationGlobally renowned fitness expert Joey Bull commented, “The world of apps is pretty new to me but I was immediately struck by how much sense WatchFit makes, the obvious benefits of what it offers and its ease of use for everybody who wants to source exercises, dietary information, eating plans and general information. I’m delighted to be involved in such an exciting health and fitness project and looking forward to delivering exclusive material to it.”

WatchFit creator and CEO Parisa Louie explained, “Our philosophy is simple. We want to provide the best possible platform for great experts right across the health and fitness spectrum. A perfect place for their written material, filmed footage, guidance and plans so they can reach the widest public and professional audience. And this material will be inspirational, motivating, engaging and proven to be effective. Our Contributors benefit from their own comprehensive mini website within WatchFit detailing their biographies, products and services”.

She added, “The gamified nature, the accumulation of points and the information and experience sharing communities built into the plans also brings new levels of incentive, motivation and interaction to keep people focused on their plan and achieving great results.

“We are dedicated to sourcing and compiling the best content from top contributors and spreading it to the widest online and app user base. WatchFit is always eager to hear from qualified professionals working in all areas of health, fitness and nutrition and seeing if they can join our growing family and help in our quest to spread fitter, healthier habits and guide people to their fitness goals!”

Joining the founder Parisa Louie who has an business MBA and experienced entrepreneur gained from two previous businesses under her belt are Hercules Fisherman as CTO is an award winning technologist, Johann Hansmann as Business Partner/ Lead Investor and Guy Holland as CCO, an entrepreneur, writer and Journalist in health and fitness. They form a formidable team with experience in Tech, Bizdev, strategy, marketing and social network with innovations that could save NHS from extra £5.6bn that annually it is forced to spend on mostly preventable illnesses related to bad diet and lack of exercise in UK alone.

related news:

Linkedin Blog Post

Health X shortlist unveiled

Public Health England has announced the ten finalists for its inaugural PHE Health X programme, which aims to identify new ideas for improving the nation’s health.

It is fantastic news that Watchfit was selected along with other 10 shortlists as best innovative ideas in health and fitness form 138 strong entries from across Europe.

WatchFit can be found in the App Store and at

Press enquirers please contact:  Guy Holland 07570 055351

3FS > A Fete Worse Than Death 20th Anniversary


A Fete worse than death

I will be participating in this 20th Anniversary Art extravaganza to commemorate the original Fete Worse than Death held 20 years ago in Hoxton Square. Live art, music, films & performances by the famous, the infamous & rising stars of tomorrow…

Hope to see you there.

It should be yet another memorable occasion and everyone joining in with a purpose to help Joshua Compston memorial fund

20th anniversary exhibition and fete

Saturday 19th July 2014
12- 11.45pm – Red Gallery
12 – 8pm – Rivington Street

Abigail Lane & Swedish Vanessa: ARSE OVER TIT, HOMMAGE TO YVES KLEIN•Adam Electric: THE MACHINE•Alice Stollard & Alex Wood: DOODLE PIT STOP & THE PINBOARD GALLERY•Aimee Neat & Penelope Diaz: COOKIE & MEEMS•Bob Pain: OMNICOLOUR & Chip: K2 SCREEN•Bobby Bubble: GIANT BUBBLES•C. A. Halpin & Mme ArtCarti: ART FLANEUR & FORTUNE TELLER•Carolyn Gowdy: POEM PEOPLE•Carson Parkin-Fairley & Bean-Mhi Berriman: CLUB TROP•Cedar Lewisohn: GO AND SEE JOSH•Chart Gallery: SPOTTO!•Christina Mitrense & Jonas Ranson: AGIT P(R)OP•Chris Townsend: COAL STRIKE MEMORABILIA•Cultivate Gallery: A BETTER WOOLWORTHS•David Robinson: FUNGARIUM•David C. West: SOAP ADDICT•Edward Rose, Carrie Reichardt & Nick Reynolds: ANARCHIC CERAMICS, POP ART KITSCH & DEATH•Goff & Son: TUNA STALL•Gideon Cube-Sherman: SNAAK•Giusi Tomasello: A PIECE OF ART•Hercules Fisherman: 3FS•Jeffrey Disaster: MINI MINI•John Costi: WHITE ELEPHANT STALL•Kate Walters: I’LL DRAW YOUR DREAM•KeelerTornero: KEY TONES BESPOKE VINYL•Kev Clarke: THE FACE OF POP•Liam Ryan: HUCKLEBUCK RECORDS•Magnus Irvin: DRAWINGS TO BE SAVOURED & TREASURED•Mark Jones: PORTRAITS•Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery: BRING ME THE HEAD OF GAVIN BENNETT•Max & Marlowe Reeves: RAVENS•Michal Cole: TIL DEATH DO US PART•Misha Milovanovich: MISHA WORLD POP UP COLLEGE•NoNose: POTATO SCULPTURE•Paul Good & Kirsty Wood: HER IMAGE ECHOED•Paul Hazelton & Tom Swift: DE-IN-STALL: a fete accompli•Paul Sakoilsky: PORTRAIT SOCIETY•Rachel Megawhat & Isabelle Bricknall: HAUS OF MIRRORS•Raul Pina: DR BOMBASTIC•Residence Gallery: PØPMY$‡IC•Robert Booth: PERFORMANCE POURS•Rose Pomeroy: DAZZLE CAMOUFLAGE•Samuel Webster: BALLOONS•Silvia Ziranek: PIN THE TIARA•Stirling Ackroyd: TOMBOLA•Tim Barnes & Katherine Tulloh: BLACKMAIL INC.•Vaiva Katinaityte, Olly Walker, David Ellis & Dean Stalham: MADECORRECTIONS
+ Adam Dant: FETE maps•Darren Coffield: FACTUAL NONSENSE books•Gavin Turk: POP t-shirts•Jessica Voorsanger: BRADY BUNCH badges•Swedish Blonde Design: BE THE WORST badges

19th – 31st July at Red Gallery
+ special evening reception with guest speakers on 30th July to mark the actual day of the 20th anniversary of the Fete.

Uliana Apatina • Florence Boyd • Lorenzo Belenguer • Matthew Bennington • Simon Bill • Sir Peter Blake • Cedric Christie • Darren Coffield • Michal Cole • Mat Collishaw • Sam Crabtree • Richard Dyer • Tracey Emin • Angus Fairhurst • Gordon Faulds • Maria Teresa Gavazzi • Jenny Gordon • Hanz Hancock • Paul Hazelton • Zebedee Helm • Alice Herrick • Andrew Herman • Damien Hirst • Dannielle Hodson • Georgie Hopton • Gary Hume • Marie-Louise Jones • Ricca Kawai Kalderon • Mick Kerr • Ida Ivanka Kubler • Christina Mitrense • Jessica Morris • Patrick Morrissey • Ben Oakley • Danny Pockets • Brendan Quick • Steven Quinn • Hedley Roberts • David Robinson • Paul Sakoilsky • Martin Sexton • Hidekazu Sogabe • Bob and Roberta Smith • Sarah Staton • David Taborn • Sam Taylor-Wood • Gavin Turk • Jessica Voorsanger • Sam Walker • Gillian Wearing • Max Wigram • Tom Wilmott • Silvia Ziranek

On Saturday 19th July 2014, be at the crossroads of Charlotte Road and Rivington Street, EC2 to face ‘A Fete Worse Than Death’. For one day, Rivington Street will be closed to mark the 20th anniversary of a landmark event kick starting an exhibition hosted by Red Gallery.

The 20th anniversary exhibition of ‘A Fete Worse Than Death’ at Red Gallery will allow artists the chance to reclaim the area for a day whilst giving the public a rare opportunity to see and buy early artworks made by the YBAs before they were famous. There will be a painting by Gary Hume painted on a local warehouse wall for Joshua in 1994 as well as original memorabilia from the Fete & Factual Nonsense gallery – sold in aid of the Joshua Compston memorial fund and assisting in raising money for a memorial to be erected in Hoxton Square.

The exhibition will be curated by Darren Coffield (artist), Alice Herrick (artist and director of Herrick Gallery) and Sam Walker (artist and co-director at CHART gallery).


Before the hipsters, before the boutiques, before the bars, in a then derelict part of the East End, Joshua Compston’s decision to open an art gallery on Charlotte Road and stage collaborative street events re-drew the artistic and cultural map of London and the contemporary art scene. For Joshua Compston (1970 – 1996), life was a special kind of nonsense: Factual Nonsense. Seen by some as the romantic martyr of his generation and by others, as a prankster, sending up the art establishment, Compston’s gallery ‘Factual Nonsense’ (FN) was quite unlike any other.


Compston’s ‘A Fete Worse Than Death’, was an anarchic swipe at the notion of a traditional village fête staged in Hoxton in the summer of 1993, which brought 4000 visitors to an area most people never knew existed. Several artists, including Gavin Turk, Gillian Wearing, Mat Collishaw, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas and Gary Hume manned stalls selling art and provided entertainment, Damien Hirst and Angus Fairhurst dressed as clowns and produced the first spin paintings at the fete (on sale for £1). In 1994, at his second ‘A Fete Worse Than Death’, Compston encouraged ‘organised starry-eyed liberation’ of the art world ranks whilst allowing anyone the opportunity to experience ‘art of all denominations without the annoying handle of art around it’. The event featured performances by Gavin Turk’s ‘Killers and Cannibals’, Cerith Wyn Evans’ ‘People should beg God to stop’ and Leigh Bowery’s neo-punk band Minty.

Darren Coffield spent four years compiling a biography ‘Factual Nonsense, The Art And Death Of Joshua Compston’ on his art school friend. As Coffield explains:

‘’The book & exhibition came about because it seemed incredulous that this unique and brilliant individual who was one of the main driving forces in the regeneration of Hoxton and Shoreditch should be totally forgotten whilst others claim credit for his ideas.’’

Links and contacts

book on Eventbrit



London Technology Week

This year 3DScanbot  has enjoyed a of phenomenal success appearing at major international events and conferences and recently at the  Tech City Roadshow  and will be taking part at the  London Technology Week

across number of venues in london

LNK in Croydon  on the 16th,

Leisure Tech Expo O2  on the 17th this month

and  Women in Tech at Croydon Tech City on the 19th


Monday, 16 June  from 12:00 to 18:00

Croydon, United Kingdom

Build Croydon – MakeAthon

Interaction between Technology companies and Primary/Secondary schools – bringing technology into the forefront through talks, demos, HTML, CSS, Code Club, Stop Motion Animation, Construction of a Computer, Creating a Website, Q&A and much more….



LTEXPO Leisure Tech Expo

Tuesday, 17 June  from 09:00 to 19:00

Cineworld at The O2
Peninsular Square
SE10 0DX
United Kingdom

It is a great pleasure to have some of the Tech City Roadshow startups taking part at the events during the London Technology Week with LNK and LTEXPO.

Ginicam, Eventbrite and Evosite are teaming up with London & Partners to support London Technology Week to create an added dimension and feature London as a major global leisure technology centre.

Meet the trade organisations that support your industry, ‘road test’ new technologies and hear the leaders of the leisure tech industry share their secrets.

The event is being held in the landmark O2 arena in London, one of the 21st centuries biggest leisure developments. Speakers include Experience Economist Joseph Pine, Founders of Eventbrite Julia and Kevin Hartz with the Keynote address by Sir Eric Peacock of the UKTI.

please note the tickets here is only covers for free 3dscaning you would require to book your tickets clike on LNK for the event on the 16th June in Croydon

and LTEXPO for the 17th June at the O2



Croydon Radio – interviews Tech City Roadshow


Pick & Mix – TECHNOLOGY ft Tech City Roadshow
All the music in today’s show is related to TECHNOLOGY and during the show, I’ll be talking to Tech City Roadshow who have their inaugural event at the Whitgift Shopping Centre on Thursday 29th May. Steve Motakef and Hercules Fisherman from TCR will More…
Presented by: Glenn Lawrence
Broadcast on: Mon 26 May at 12:00 UK

 Listen online or download it.

Tech City Roadshow

Tech City Roadshow Inaugural Event

Tech City Roadshow (TCR) creates a platform of opportunity to encourage and promote the best and the brightest technology start-ups around, who are striving for recognition, financial help, mentoring and a route to success.
TCR plans and organises fun, engaging and interactive events in the heart of towns and cities. We invite and encourage start-ups to participate and promote themselves by directly connecting with the mass public, who may ultimately be their prime consumer source.
Our well connected associates and experts in the world of business and industry, will provide mentoring, guidance sessions and workshops to prepare the start-ups leading up to the events and in order for them to deliver their objectives successfully.
Startups are pushed out of their comfort zones; in tech hubs and accelerators; into the fray in order to win validation where it really matters in the public arena. TCR events will be held in large and busy shopping centres up and down the country where they have massive footfall.
TCR first event at Whitgift Shopping Center– Croydon on Thursday 29th of May where it enjoys footfall exceeding 65k per day.

Thursday 29th May 2014

Whitgift Shopping Centre -Croydon


3DScanBot Leisure Tech Expo ExtremeFliers
Smart Dresser Lectrio Hopster
GiniCam Active3D Drum Roll
Streetpin mykidsy Stand
Smart Dresser herx pwpark


Get A 3D Printed Model of Yourself at MWC 2014

Stop Press: Our next public appearance will be at Swiss Cottage Gallery on Fri 21st March
                         and Speaking in Madrid at 3dprinting event 4th international edition  24th May
Just like last year at conferences , the Mobile World Congress 2014 could not miss the 3DScanbot experience.  As before, we have been one of the most popular stands at Wipjam, offering a 3D printing experience for visitors of the congress and connecting them to the essence of the art and technology.
One more time, the 3DScanbot has proven that it has  something special to offer everyone. Our service has the potential  to engage a broader audience in creating an experiential environment that is entertaining, innovative and widely applicable to real world problems.  we received an increasing and diversifying number of visitors all through the show who relished the experience.
The participants were amazed by our ability to capture them in 360 degrees and later create the 3D image of them optimised by our process in seconds. Our formula  involves a 1 minute scan with our own designed rig, during which the  subject must stay still .(This harks back to the bygone days of formal Victorian portrait photography!) .  All this  process ends up on the computer, where shots are then mapped and joined together using software to generate a 3d image of the body.
Later,  3DScanbot sends by email your 3D- scanned image of you.  No need to keep a usb stick on hand.  You can also  get yourself shrunk down and 3D-printed as a figurine in a variety of materials. So remember, if  you always wanted an actual real figurine of you, your girlfriend or  boyfriend, your parents or anyone you want, there is no need to look  further, because now you can have a pocket-size figure, 3DScanbot  can make it real 🙂

We want to thank everyone for your interest and collaboration in our  project and we hope to see you on Mobile World Congress next year.

MWC 2014 – WIPJam – Barca

3dscanbot mwcIt has been a week long fest in Barcelona the event encompassed both old and the new fiera sites in Barcelona with something like 100k of visitors the biggest ever since its conception.

We had number of friends and startup companies who came along with us SuperExpo, CrowdEmotion,  as always Foodity and Ginicam where there too virtually.

We setup camp at WIPJam, while our team in London and Barcelona coordinated all the plans and social events which took place across the town in Barcelona.

We like to thank all the wonderful visiotrs to our stand and over the following days we will be following up on the leads and contacts.

It was yet another shining performance at our very popular 3dscanbot experiential booth

3dscanbot mwcand we are getting more and inquiries for upcoming events and exhibition as we offer one of the best values for engagements across the board pretty much at every event we have participated so far.

and we had Lectrio: the next generation online learning platform at the developers showcase demonstrating the simplicity and the fineness of the platform that has been in the making we are getting ready for our big public launch this year.

lectrio mwcFoodity was also virtually there