Homage to Leigh Bowery


Happy Birthday to Leigh

My special friend who did the unthinkable at the time,  and  got us an interview with Lucian Freud, Lucian previously had vowed not to give interview with any journalists ever again, ours was his first major interview of his for in over a decade. We where oblivious of the significant  of it at the time, The Independent asked for its reprint in their sunday colour supplement, which was very nice of them we thought.

Money was never the motivation, only art and still is.

I have a few of the issues still available in my archives for anyone interested, these are very rare not many left in the world. ISSN 0959-0803

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Special Offer Silk Wall Hanging

Falling angel
Flying angel

Flying Angel by Hercules Fisherman – Is printed in a very limited edition as part of Body Electric exhibition commemorative issue, signed and numbered individually. Hand finished in silk traditional Chinese wall hanging style. Delivered in a matching box set. Includes exhibitions copy of the “I sing the Body Electric” poem by Walt Whitman.
Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this piece.