Pentoring at TOA.Berlin

“Pentoring” is a term he coined, relates to mentoring while painting. Initially as a means to put the sitter at ease while covering important topics relating to the startup business, finance, and technology.  A format that has proved engaging and popular, that he regularly practices at these institutions and events.

pentroring on phree 11754282_880370728666527_4699730068848528794_n







The above was the historic moment when first artist sketch ever made live on Phree

“A little Sketch for man, a giant leap for sketchkind”    Hercules Fisherman

Herx had an area with an art installation and an on stage performance at TOA Berlin Festival.


Hercules Fisherman a Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor,  Speaker, Investor, Artist and Technologist.  His blog posts cover entrepreneurial news, tech developments, innovation, with tips and tricks on investments to strategy.  His expertise encompasses a diverse area from Fin to FashTech. He is a popular mentor and business coach associated with world’s leading accelerators and incubators. Including firms such as Mass Challenge, Virgin Startups, Seedcamp, Oxygen, Level39, Bathtub, Cognicity,  Trampery, Axel Springer and Founders Institute.  Hercules brings insider insight from the scene that is both unique and engaging with the audience.  He enjoys an impressive followers count in the 1000’s from Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, with a social network reach of 100.000’s in numbers. An early adapter on social network with @herx as Twitter handle.

He is a known speaker at conferences internationally on diverse areas and topics from Tech to Investment. As a business coach to startup entrepreneurs or Innovation lead to established companies bringing expertise in helping to invigorate their workforce into realities of 21st-century practices and culture.

He is an accomplished painter and artist exhibiting regularly.  His works currently on display at the Stash Gallery in London. The show continues till the end of Aug,

Exhibition continues until:  End of August 2015

Finisage private view is on Thursday 27th Aug.

The Stash Gallery at Vout-O-Reenees

Crypt of 30 Prescot St. London E1 8BB  0750 2278711

Opening hours to the public: Mon – Sat, 5-10pm


Following works are available to order on Line



By Hercules Fisherman (@Herx)
Printed in two color
Hand Silk Screen Print on quality 420 X 594 mm paper
Limited edition of 75 in number, £200 individually signed, numbered and dated 
Please  Click to buy now here



 By Hercules Fisherman (@Herx)
Hand Silk Screen Print on quality 297 X 420 mm paper
Limited edition of 125, individually signed £75, numbered and dated
Please  Click to buy now here


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Stash Gallery listing and details

by Ansell Cizic Featured artist of the east end

Hot Topics on Disruption

London’s most hot and exclusive tech event saw 120 influential tech leaders covering critical issues affecting businesses today. With the aim to sketch how they saw the tech industry evolving in the future.
The focus was to learn and connect with some of the top driving forces in the tech industry.
Hot topic also hosts the Q-prize startup competition, which include a list of very promising startups compete for a grand prize of $500,000.

Excerpts from my interview by Peter Stojanovic @HotTopicsHT#Disruption, leapfrog tech & #tech #markets abroad discussed with serial entrepreneur @herx     by  @HotTopicsHT

Margaret Rice-Jones, the chairman of Skyscanner, emphasis the “importance of finding the right VC” to take on the startup journey ahead

link to the HotTopics

Latest Hot Topics Newsletter


My upcoming engagements

Featured exhibitor and speaker at

July 15-16-17 2015. #TOA15
Alte Teppichfabrik Alt-Stralau 4, Berlin
Interdisciplinary Technology Festival. Tech, music, art and science in Berlin,

Exhibit works at

The Stash Gallery Crypt of 30 Prescot Street, London E1 8BB

the private view on Thursday 9th July

A show curated by Kate Enters

With selected works by Hercules Fisherman, Wilma Jonshon, The Dna Factory, Paul Sakoilsky. James Birch, Darren Coffield, Julia Hamilton, Christopher Roberts, Laura Fishman, Morganico, Lucy Ash, Silvia Estevez, Kate Enters, Gary Hazel, Brendan Reasney, Fiona Brenninkmeyer, Anna Jung Seo, Helen & Collin Davied, Natasha de Damarkandi, Frances Daffern, Frances Akpata, Carson Parkin-Fairyley

Next Cognicity Challenge event at Canary Wharf, London

Cognicity Final Showcase Evening – Cohort 3 Winners Announced!

Sold Out

ENTIQ Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hercules Fisherman is also a mentor at Cognicity Challenge – Level39

Exhibition continues until: Thursday 13th August
R.S.V.P and further details:
T: 0750 2278711
Opening hours to the public: Mon – Sat 5-10pm

pen and ink drawing

 Getting back to my roots, ink and pen does have that raw essence, the cold tip of the metallic pen traveling upon the page in sharp, solid black marks are unnerving experience.
20150602_100734  20150602_100842 20150602_100853 20150602_100904 20150602_100910 20150602_100920

burlesque drawings of Lulu after meeting my old time friend from Riverside Studio days, the celebrated architect Will Alsop

Posted by Hercules Fisherman on Tuesday, 2 June 2015

#Art15 painterly resurgence in art

London is a host to many fairs and events daily. The important international art fairs are amongst a network of some 15 to 20 top destinations worldwide, where art dealers showcase the art by the artists they represent. One long-term veteran of such events, who has been involved in the scene informed me these events provided a sense of purpose for the art dealers, the way it glamorises their existence by living out of suitcases.The yearning to be part of an influential elite club, promoting the arts and above all their stable of artists with their works they carry around with them from each location.

…these events provided a sense of purpose for the art dealers, the way it glamorises their existence by living out of suitcases.

@art15London #art15

A video posted by Hercules Fisherman (@herxf) on

The works on display of international known and unknowns, mixed in a flea market of a  luxurious kind. For me still visiting art fairs are great as it is an opportunity to see a diversity of works that otherwise hard to see under one roof.

A video posted by Hercules Fisherman (@herxf) on

One can only love and loathe it at the same time of the commerciality and of how the art world fickleness creates such high and low conditions for artists and their dealers to operate.  However, we do still love more of it; we like these massive showcases where we can see more works and most importantly mingle with our friends and find art bargains.

A video posted by Hercules Fisherman (@herxf) on

Art15 I liked, it was not too cramped, allowing ample space to promenade up and down the aisles with ease.  I kept bumping into old friends more than usual; perhaps it was the openness that allowed one to spot  and engage in conversation, after all ours is  to view, to discuss and to exchange ideas.  Art15 may not be highbrow master collections, the diversity was refreshing and more than made up for it. There is a surge in interest in figurative paintings but it was not as much as I would have like. The faceless figures painting by Gideon Rubin of Alon Segev Gallery, in contrast to James Ostrer from Azerbaijan who painted faces with colourfully loaded candies, portraits inspired by Leigh Bowery type romanticism, there where much more of course not enough time to see them all.

A video posted by Hercules Fisherman (@herxf) on

There where Khaled Zaki’s from Egypt mystically inspired sufis sculptures of dervishes in meditation at Hafez Gallery, Feathered arrangements by Kate Mccgwire in circular formations and other shapes reminiscing of biological entities where inspiring to see.  Some  artists are beginning to incorporate technology in their works. It exemplifies in various forms with the interactive sound installation “Homing” by Jenna Burchell, others employed 3d lenticular techniques to bring about illusion of space or incorporating digital screens into their pieces with interactive elements. There is a healthy experimentation with technology in the arts. It is a space to watch as well as the emerging paintings with painters going back to their roots.

@art15London #art15 Riflemaker

A video posted by Hercules Fisherman (@herxf) on

@art15London #art15 yoshiyuri ooe

A video posted by Hercules Fisherman (@herxf) on

A photo posted by Hercules Fisherman (@herxf) on

#HackThePlanet from The Silicon Roundabout

****  Win a pass to #HackThePlanet @Cargo_LDN premier #DS15 after party

see below for details

Silicon Roundabout – Shoreditch starts to heat up as #SMR9 is getting to full swing this weekend with hundreds of startups wooing hackers of all kinds across the eco system to join their journey to success.

Long time veterans of SMR Constant Commerce  been able attract the very best and to poach incredible talents.

The age of startups upon us, with so many ideas and innovations floating about, innovation in technology knows no bounds.

Every new startup on the scene has the potential to be disruptive game changer in town. The UK economic boom resulting form startup activities has made possible for the incumbent government to sweep back to power with relative ease. With so many funds, investors and incubators rushing over to these shores, the gold rush has just began.

The staggering 581,173 startup companies registered last year the highest on records

There are so many opportunities opening up every day. With competitions such as MassChallenge or Cognicity at Level39 offering big prizes and exposure.

Some of these organisations such as MassChallenge are big US based organizations, thus every one is looking for the next big thing. There are so many candidates to choose from, number of entries growing into 1000s every time. There was a jump in number of startups registered on Companies-House in 2014 to an staggering 581,173 in numbers the highest on records.

#SMR9 Europe’s biggest recruitment fair

There is much activities this month every where like #SMR9 Europe’s biggest recruitment fair happening this weekend and #DS15 Digital Shoreditch about to kick off next week. There are lots to see, talks, networks and parties to attend.

startup activities has made it possible for the incumbent government to sweep back to power with relative ease.

Digital Shoreditch Festival 2015 presents #HackThePlanet a series of premier events celebrating the tech & digital (Film, TV, Game, YouTube, VR) Art of OST PsychFi Composer Simon Boswell.


“You many not know his name, but if you’re a movie fan you’ll certainly know his music: Simon Boswell is one of the UK’s finest living soundtrack composers, whose work has graced films such as Danny Boyle’s debut ‘Shallow Grave’, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s mind-melting ‘Santa Sangre’, loopy Angelina Jolie cybercrime flick ‘Hackers’ and shedloads of European horror movies by the likes of Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava & Michele Soavi.” Now Here This TIME OUT: LONDON

Hackers 20th Anniversary

Mark Kermode – Hackers 20th Anniversary

Simon will boot up the 2015 Digital Shoreditch Festival with a key note talk “Composing Music for Film – A Tech Journey” spotlighting his cult tech/geek retro-mania OST music for Hackers, Hardware, Burn:Cycle, Killer Net, Ashens & The Quest For The Gamechild. While exploring the creative tech involved & LoFi digital Hacks, including the C64, IndieGoGo, YouTube & Google Cardboard VR. Synced with a supporting Raindance: Screenage Hacks panel & Gala #DS15 #HackThePlanet live digital sound & vision show with Simon & friends.


#HackThePlanet a #DS15 official premier party will be at CARGO-LONDON on Thursday 14/05/15 – 6pm / 1am.

We will be making live broadcast of the event on the 14th through Ginicam the very latest live interactive video broadcasting platform was launched recently. Ginicam and Cardboard both are using google technologies powering their services on the night.

3Dscanbot the experiential 3dscanning and 3dprinting startup will be there both at #SMR9 on Saturday and at #HackThePlanet Party at @cargo_LDN to entertain and wow the delegates, bringing that extra essential fun to the party, and a chance for you to be 3dscanned and have your figurines printed in 3d with the very latest technologies in diverse materials from ABS plastic to Bronze. They  even  can get your figurines printed in full colour.

2015 is the 20th Anniversary of Hackers, a Mark Kermode cult cyber-geek fave, Simon is also celebrating 30 Years as composer with a fistful of film Anniversaries including: Phenomena 30th, Hardware 25th, Shallow Grave 20th. #HackThePlanet will be a chance to experience PsychFi Live a magical trip with Simon’s friends past, present and future.



Come join together to “Tune In, Trip Out” on a far out visual sound multi-media night exploring Simon’s creative journey with Digital Technology, Films, Games, TV, YouTube, Art & first of its kind ‘One Brain’ Live VR Google Cardboard App, by #DS15 invite only.

The chosen Android few will experience a VR PsychFi pop-culture immersive mash-up inspired by Hackers 20th Anniversary, with counter culture wizard Timothy Leary and YouTube Creator Ashens in mix. Come along to explore how artists can use every-day digital technology hacks & “Get Loaded” at the same time.



Simon Boswell theAND: Richard Stanley, Timothy Leary, Dario Argento, Alejandro Jodorowsky (Excl. Vizual Sound Content)


Ashens YouTube Creator 800K Subscribers: The Gamechild

Mr.Weebl YouTube Creator 750K Subscribers: Save The Badger

Revenge of Calculon Funkatronic Luchadores

Tom Dunne – Band

Ollie Clark & Lil Rice – Band

Those Goddamn Hippies – Band


AK47 (The Banksy Job) – Street Art Terrorism Trailer Launch

Lee Hardcastle – Cult Claysplotation Films (Claycats, RudeTube)

Event will be hosted by Pips Taylor and live streamed on peer to peer network GiniCam with exclusive opportunities to chat with your #HackThePlanet Heroes

More #HackThePlanet PsychFi, Digital Shoreditch goodness to be announced soon!

Ltd. fan tickets available Digital Shoreditch Premier Wristband Event

CARGO LONDON: 83 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AY

CARGO LONDON BBQ Grub Available £2:50 Beers 6pm – 8pm Track of the Week (Feb 2015) HackThePlanet Facebook  Fan Ticket Booking  DS15 Wristband Guests




#DS15 #HackThePlanet #PsychFi #NOVA

Partners: DigitalShoreditch, NOVA Music, FCML, Flick Records, ScreenageRenegade, We Are Formation, Sagberg, Sci-Fi-London, HERX, CARGO-LONDON, Ginicam, 3DScanbot

Ginicam is a live interactive video broadcasting platform for service providers and celebrities to monetise their online presence. From celebrity Q&A’s, to e-learning workshops, to company board meetings, Ginicam gives anyone, anywhere the tools to monetise their live video content, and share their talent or expertise with fans or clients from around the world.

3DScanbot are the Experiential ingredients, Professional 3D Scanning and printing complementary to events, exhibitions, special occasions, seminars and education. Incorporating augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. 3D innovation – hardware & software.

**** For a chance to win  a pass to #HackThePlanet @Cargo_LDN please share and tweet to @herx @3dscanbot comments appreciated

Homage to Leigh Bowery


Happy Birthday to Leigh

My special friend who did the unthinkable at the time,  and  got us an interview with Lucian Freud, Lucian previously had vowed not to give interview with any journalists ever again, ours was his first major interview of his for in over a decade. We where oblivious of the significant  of it at the time, The Independent asked for its reprint in their sunday colour supplement, which was very nice of them we thought.

Money was never the motivation, only art and still is.

I have a few of the issues still available in my archives for anyone interested, these are very rare not many left in the world. ISSN 0959-0803

please send your requests to

twitter @herx or

linkedin herc


A UNIQUE Valentine Treat


A UNIQUE Valentine Treat at the Tottenham Court YMCA


image005Collect your personalised Gifts
Figurines, Jewellery, Medallions , Charms
and Rings



Weekdays   from Monday 2nd Feb to 14th Feb

Sessions:   12 am to 2 pm
6 pm to 8 pm
YMCA Club 112 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3NQ – Tottenham Court Road Tube

YMCA Club is the largest gym facility in central London and the world’s founding YMCA, is the UK’s leading health, fitness and education charity.

The 3dscanbot Experience
Ready to scan you and your valentine.

Impress the one you love with something different, an exceptional gift  incorporating their own bespoke 3d model.

Print them as figurines or  as bespoke  pieces of jewelry.  We can create earrings,  medallions and rings in Valentine themes,  printed to your spec in bronze, silver or gold finish.

We are a new exciting technology-oriented company with plenty of fun and fresh ideas in our specialist field of 3D scanning and printing.

We showcase 3D scanning to a wider audience by bringing something very different to every one of our events. Guests are invited to step into our 3D scanning zone and watch as a 3D image of them quickly takes shape on a large screen.

Our team then explains how a 3D scan can be turned into a real life printed figurine and provide advice on other possible solutions. Scans are available for instantly shareable downloads. Our processes are also iPhone & Android friendly. Indeed, every participant gets to take something away with them.

Our debut Showcase at YMCA Londons Biggest Fitness Centre is a great chance to explore the possibilities for applications of 3d scanning in health and beauty.

Come and take part in the 3DScanbot Experience

3DScanbot  attracts large crowds, draws a high volume of footfall, and is very appealing to diverse audiences. Our stands have ranked amongst the most popular at recent innovative technology events including Campus Party O2, AdTech London, Over the Air and eCommerce Expo Olympia.

Please find our logo & official images attached to the press pack.

The 3d printing is performed in collaboration with Makertribe makertribe

Facebook: 3DScanbot  Twitter: @3DScanbot
for further information and press please contact
Mobile:  07799641948
Steve Motakef


It may seem like a dogs life sometimes but …

Painting on Canvas by Hercules Fisheramn 31 Dec 2014
Painting on Canvas by Hercules Fisherman   – on 31st Dec 2014

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year

An interview with  @VoxLondon on  Constant Commerce at SMR8 – London

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As featured on Linkedin/Pulse/ConstantCommerce

Successful Tech startup goes global

Mindtree award recognises innovation in e-commerce in partnership with IGD

Startups in a rainbow of diversity

With so much on in this; the busiest conf season on record in my book; the space for startups heating up is expanding. We are at the beginning of a mega startup boom and a gold rush.

The Websummit growth has been a phenomenal success, the hosting venue and the city of Dublin saw itself saturated as 23.000 delegates flocked and filled it to the brim.

The officials and cultural attaches are taking notice; the embassies beginning to entertain startups; and investors holding receptions at consulate level. The UK has become a role model for governmental support at the highest level, recognising startup culture as both the engine oil and the fuel of the economic growth for decades to come. More importantly, tech is creating employment faster than any other sectors. Trade tours organized by No 10 now include entrepreneurs and startups along with the PM and Ministers on board the same flight.

The angel investors and VCs are slowly learning the ropes, now a healthy competition between global investors, leading by the US and China who are looking into investing in technology in the UK and Europe as attractive propositions.

With that rosy picture we also a need to promote a culture of inclusiveness. The reality is the higher up you go on the ladder the level of inclusiveness and diversity drops. The diversity in boardrooms still an issue as is the imbalance in the circles of power with women and minorities under represented.

Above at Noah Conference after party with Cabaret and Acrobatic acts

When we look at the societies afflicted with exclusivity, chauvinism, gender, and religious apartheid (see image on the right) as you can see the more repressive, undemocratic the more corrupt the state apparatus increases in par with human rights abuses and other ugly innuendoes.

These tendencies naturally feed into an economic and cultural decline where the climate is not conducive to progress and startups participation in the economic growth in general.

It has been reported that there are no gender pay gaps in tech particularly at the middle tier level, salaries are pretty much equal based on the candidate abilities, employers are not concerned about the gender differences as such. (ref:

Joséphine Goube championing diversity at the WebSummit 2014 in Dublin – representing Iran Startups

However, we are not producing enough women in tech through the education system, some of the greatest role models are forgotten, pioneers such as Ada Lovelace are not championed enough at schools. The discrepancy with presentation of women and minorities at board levels is a global problem that needs to be addressed on its own accord. (ref:http://www.businessinsider.comsheryl-sandberg-women-in-tech-2014-8?IR=T)

The 17-year-old Malala Yousafzai became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner for her work promoting equal educational opportunities regardless of gender as basic human rights for everyone.

At two of the best of the seasons, the Websummit commanding the biggest turnouts in Europe, for an event of its kind and Noah Conference with its creme de la crème of investors in attendance. Nevertheless when you look at the top levels of both conferences the inclusiveness begins to fade out to lighter tones of gray.

On a lighter note, when it comes to party the tech’s the best. These are social networking events accompanied with cabaret, acrobatics, musicals, poetry, and arty performances, as time goes on, these are becoming artistic outlets for many involved in the arts, as a race for each afterparty to out do the others. Noah stands supreme as party organizers. I have been to some wicked parties like Badoo to name but one, however the Connect party at the Websummit was something else.

Websummit claims their phenomenal growth as much in employing data-scientists in matchmaking delegates for the Pub-Crawls they organize where they band together delegates in groups to tour the pubs of Dublins and mingle with others enroute, these encounters are as important as the serious talks and investment pitches attendees sit through during the day. That said, attending breakfast meetings at 8.30 in the morning, after couples of hours keep, from a night of heavy partying is not something for the faint hearted. I usually turn up in Dublin a few days earlier to get Guinness acclimatised.

It is however, the place for everyone to let their hair down and celebrate the coming age of the startups, there is so much going to define the 21st century and for it to be remembered with a bang.


I will be speaking at BCCH-Brisish Business Centre Startup Lab    Budapest – 28th Nov  and
LT-Accelerate   Speaker – Brussels – 4th Dec


Andrew Logan Alternative Miss World 2014

Andrew Logan Alternative Miss World 2014

Captured by 3DScanbot

Miss Zero+ the winner of the Alternative Miss World 2014
Miss Zero+ the winner of the Alternative Miss World 2014


This was without a shadow of a doubt, the most sought after glitterati chic party of the decade, at the Shakespeare’s Globe, perfectly apt place to get theatrical and lose inhibitions.

This year, the event was also an experiment with crowdfunding technology, raising over £21k successfully under a month,  culminating in pre selling most of the tickets through the campaign

The globe is unique wooden structure feels with distinct intimacy the Greek or Roman counterparts cannot reach.

The venue, the contestant and the audience decorated with the joyful Shangri-la neon theme of the event. The distinction between the contestant the audience gets blurred, as everyone carried and wore their own artistic sophisticated and creative talents on their sleeves.

Andrew Logan being scanned in 3d

” It’s about creative free-reign, about the ordinary becoming extraordinary. Contestants over the years have been famous and infamous, celebrated and unknown, a parade of freaks, fops, show offs and drag queens… including Andrew’s many friends and family! The climax is a tear stained coronation with Logan’s dazzling Crown Jewels made of broken mirrors.”

Andrew Logan

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 08.36.283DScanbot a young startup, put to task to provide the wow factor for the afterparty, and did an excellent job at it.

All night entertaining queues of brightly dressed revelers, attired in assortments of catsuites, inflatable gears and glitter, donning jewelry sprinkled with metallic dust along with fluorescent colour blobs and reflective mirrors mingled with body and face decoration made up of matching exotic matterial and tones.

AltMW2014 afterparty

 Miss Enigma names Alan Turing as the person whom she would like to honour with a national holiday



The Judges for the competitions included, Suggs from Madness and Zandra Rhodes. It was co-hosted and delivered flamboyantly by Grayson Perry and Andrew Logan on the Globe fantastic open air stage, we had a perfect weather for the evening.

The winner was Miss Zero + with her magnificent latex-and-inflatables combo, she has saidMiss Enigma

‘People should know that I am not a fetishist though, it is not a sexual thing for me – it is for performance art.’

Miss Enigma

The runner up, Miss Enigma who had an expandable electronic led peacock fan (in the picture), at the “Interview round” of the contest names Alan Turing as the person whom she would like to honour with a national holiday.

3DScanbot are a new exciting technology oriented company with plenty of fun and fresh ideas in their specialist field of 3D scanning and printing.

They showcase 3D scanning to a wider audience by bringing something very different to every one of our events. Guests are invited to step inside our 3D scanning zone and watch as a 3D image of them quickly takes shape on a large screen.

They demonstrate how a 3D scan can be turned into a real life printed figurine and provide advice on other possible solutions. Scans are available for instant shareable downloads are iPhone & Android friendly. Indeed every one gets to take something away with them.

3DScanbot Experience attracts large crowds, draws a high volume of footfall, and is very appealing to diverse audiences. Our stands have ranked amongst the most popular at recent innovative technology events including Campus Party O2AdTech LondonOver the Air and eCommerce Expo Olympia.


Learn, Create and Share in 3D

For more information please contact

Facebook: 3DScanbot  

Twitter: @3DScanbot

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